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In our greenhouse, we always remember our roots

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Discover Our Family-Operated Greenhouse

Ray's Quality Greenhouse has been in continuous operation since 1962 and has always been family-owned and operated. Our greenhouse was started by Ray and his wife Edna in 1962 as Ray's Quality Produce. The produce stand was located at the house, which is now the current site of the greenhouse business.


Ray's Quality Greenhouse has always had a mom-and-pop atmosphere. We have an old scale from the farm that we use to weigh every pumpkin that we sell.


Ray was not satisfied with the vegetables that he was getting from his suppliers so he built an old glass greenhouse to grow his own plugs to create better vegetables.


Ray and Edna's children worked on the farm and would assist in planting plugs every year.

Geranium Beginnings

In 1982, Ray started growing geraniums to make extra money while the rest of his crops were maturing. He soon learned that he made more money selling flowers than he was farming, which coincided with the boom in horticulture in the mid-1980s.


Soon after this realization, the greenhouses began sprouting up whenever Ray needed more space to expand. Ray's Quality Greenhouse began with just 1 greenhouse and now there are 6.

Keeping It in the Family

Ray's wife Edna is now 83 years old and still works on decorating pumpkins to sell and creating smiles. Donna, Edna's oldest daughter, and Sam bought the greenhouse in 2006 to keep the business in the family and have been running it ever since.